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"Many people say that Riverfield Academy is one big family.  This statement could not be a more true representation of our school.  With such a loving and giving community, when things go good or bad, we all have one another to lean on during any circumstance.  Along with being one big family, we also have many freedoms, such as religion, academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities."  Katelyn Branch, Student Council President


"There are so many reasons why our family chose Riverfield.  Our children learn in a Christian environment every day, which is most important. They are learning how to treat others while also getting an incredible education.  Every teacher and staff member at the school are top notch and truly happy to be there.  They deeply care for each student, and it shows in everything they do!  Last but certainly not least, Riverfield is led by a very special principal, Sherri Slade.  Mrs. Slade knows each child and is fully plugged in to everything that is happening at Riverfield.  She goes above and beyond each day to ensure every child is getting a strong, well-rounded, safe and fun educational experience."  Meredith Miller, Parent 


"My mother is a graduate of Riverfield Academy's class of 1976.  My sister and I graduated in 2000 and 2003.  Riverfield has played an important part in my life. As a student, the education, athletics, and life-long friendships are irreplaceable.  Now as a parent, I see these same things occurring in both of my childrens' lives as they attend Riverfield.  The school is constantly changing and evolving.  I'm excited about what the future holds."  Jude Johnston, Parent and Alumni