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Riverfield Academy is a happy, welcoming place that puts the needs of your child at the center of everything we do. The Elementary curriculum emphasizes the basics of reading, writing, grammar, mathematics, social studies, and science.  Art and music are enrichment classes students participate in twice a week.  Classes will attend library once a week.  Physical education is provided every day.  Your child will be introduced to a departmentalization system in third grade and continue through eighth grade, allowing for deeper subject matter.  First grade through fifth grade have access to Chromebooks in class to deepen their expertise in the use of technology.  At the end of elementary school, your child will have the confidence and independence to take on the greater responsibilities of Middle School. 


We use a variety of curriculum materials to offer each student the greatest opportunity for success.  The curriculum selection process focuses on alignment with our school vision.  Our elementary students are tested throughout the year to monitor academic growth in Reading and Math by using STAR tests.  Our elementary students participate in the Accelerated Reading program where they are required to achieve AR points each nine weeks.  

To review student's Accelerated Reading activity, CLICK HERE.