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The school's program is planned to develop understanding, skills, attitudes, traits and values in students who will:


  • Make moral decisions based on Christian belief and on the principles of the Holy Bible
  • Understand the American democratic system and have a commitment to the principles of the United States
  • Appreciate the American free enterprise system
  • Respect authority and the rights of others
  • Be self-disciplined and accept responsibility for their actions and decisions.
  • Have a wide range of information regarding careers and make tentative choices about their work life
  • Be able to move with confidence to work and to further education
  • Be innovative and resourceful enough to adjust to a dynamic economic and social environment. 
  • Acquire the maturity to make vital decisions which will make their lives productive and fulfilling 
  • Look forward to learning as a lifelong endeavor. 
  • Develop positive attitudes towards work and pride in good workmanship
  • Value health and physical fitness and acquire concepts and practices to maintain them throughout life
  • Be able to utilize various techniques for correct oral and written communication
  • Respect and seek to understand your classmates
  • Understand the needs of their communities and seek to serve them