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Students are invited to join the John Ray Chapter of the National Honor Society based on their scholarship, leadership, service and character in and out of school.  Membership is open to qualified sophomores, juniors and seniors.  

Qualifications and steps in the selection procedure are:

  1. Student and academic records are reviewed at the end of their freshman, sophomore and junior years. 
  2. The academic requirement to be invited to become a member is a cumulative grade point average of 3.30 on a 4.00 scale.
  3. A grade point average of 3.00 must be maintained to retain membership.  
  4. Discipline records are reviewed to further determine eligibility. 
  5. Students that meet the academic and discipline eligibility are invited to join this chapter.  They must complete a form that includes evidence of leadership and community service.  
  6. Each responding candidate is reviewed by a three-member faculty council. 
  7. Each member will be reevaluated annually in order to retain membership. 
  8. Members will be required to meet the requirements of the national and local chapter's constitution.